This Is Just To Say.
I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

-William Carlos Williams

my favourite poem (:

There are times when I feel it’s easier to literally die for Christ (like some terrorist puts a gun to your head and asks you to deny God or else he kills you) than to fully, fully live for Christ.

I am not suicidal.
I am not falling into depression.

Despite that, there’s no One else I’d rather live for.


Attempted baking this for Mothers Day today:


I would post photos from the baking process but the amount of FAT that goes into this thing is quite a turn-off so I’m just gonna leave you with the pictures nearer to the end of this baking process.

Didn’t make it double layered like the one bakerella did because it was too much work. It still out really pretty looking though.

Since my mum doesn’t stay in Singapore with me I decided to email her a picture of the caked I baked for “her”:

And since I stay with my Grandma, I baked a cake for her too!

Spot the difference.

And being the only representative of my family in Singapore, I decided to bake one for my other grandma too. Gonna surprise her tomorrow. (Someone please tell me how to say Happy Mothers Day in Chinese!)

Actually someone can just help me translate what I wrote on the cake. Thanks.
Here’s to hoping it tastes as good as it looks.

You’re the One that I Want - Olivia Newton John (cover)

Right as Rain - Adele (cover)

A Classic Christmas.

This year’s Christmas actually felt Christmas-y!! The Christmas spirit only kicked in around the Tuesday of the Christmas week though, which triggered a sudden urge to actually buy “real” presents for some people this year instead of making mass presents like every other year. Ironic how Christmas actually felt like Christmas this year when this was the first Christmas without my family and a tree at home (and does that sentence have a lotta “Christmas”-es or what?). Then came the sudden influx of Christmas cheer as the weekend neared, with the impromptu TK softball Christmas gathering and of course, GoP’s very own “A Classic Christmas”.

Here’s one of the very few miserable pictures I have from the gathering:
The atmosphere was literally.. merry. We even had a gift exchange. Who am I kidding, we even had SPARKLING JUICE and NAMED CUPS. you can’t beat that. We put the k in kool. Nearly everyone came so it was a success!

Of course, the highlight of Christmas this year was…

GoP’s Christmas Party cum Star Awards! Just wanna personally thank whoever decided to combine these 2 major events. Haha. Honestly, I was really disappointed with the whole thing.. especially at the beginning. I couldn’t even take being in the hall for a while. Of course I had to go back in after I promised myself that I’d enjoy the night. Drama, I know. (Haha that’s like becoming my catch phrase or smth). The moment I saw the hands go up for the salvation call everything changed. Felt really stupid fretting over how messy everything was- it didn’t matter cos God. showed. up. We gotta keep the main thing the main thing mianz. PRAISE THE LORD! God is just too good.

The dress code was comfy glam but I went full out glam because I didn’t wanna waste this fantazz dress I got. Everyone looked great though! Our church is blessed with good-looking people. And I’m not just saying that cos I’m bias. Just to add, New Look’s shoe brand is called “Your feet look gorgeous!” but they forgot to add “…when they are dead.” Seriously. My feet were killing me. Or rather, the heels were killing them.

See what I mean by good looking people? (;
Rest of the photos are on facebook.

Anyway, I’m currently in Hong Kong! Heading off to Macau tomorrow. Planning to recharge and re-focus during my time away.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!


Haven’t had a single day free since As have ended. Can’t say I’m surprised though.
And… I’m pitching for sonix this Friday. And… I already gave all my boots/gloves away. This reminds me of the time when we finished softball in TKG and I was convinced I’d have nothing to do with the sport again and went on to like throw away all my equipment. Should’ve learnt my lesson this time round.

Plugged was GREAT! I like especially how Ps Isaiah was really practical during the last service, exactly what GoP needs. Plugged Live was an ingenious idea- special thanks to @colmecolin and @smellybellysean for helping me fulfill my dream to rap in Chinese in public (sarcasm intended.) Still suffering from the after effects of the games and lack of sleeping bag but it is sooo worth it. God really moved.

This post feels really disjointed…

Going for my first interview today!
Signed up for driving yesterday!
Am I an adult or what.

Oli tried helping me dye my hair last night, which was a total failure. There is absolutely no difference to my hair colour. at. all. The only difference is probably I just have less hair now. There’s $10 I’ll never see again.

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